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Nano & value chains

Article about 'Sizing Nanotechnology's value chain'
Global Value

Articles about Nanosilver

The (Nano)Silver bullet

Bacterial Resistance to Silver (Nano or Otherwise)

Wikipedia article on 'Silver Nano'
*'Silver Nano' is a Samsung trademark for an antibacterial technology which uses silver nanoparticles in washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners

Silver nanoparticles deadly to bacteria
*Antibacterial paint (using silver) can coat wood, plastic, glass & more
*nanosilver interacts with the outer membrane of bacteria, causing structural damage, which leads to death
*The process by which this paint is created is totally eco-friendly: it causes zero pollution. What about its disposal?

Socks leak silver

  • The ASU study referenced in the above article is here
  • There are more than 600 consumer products containing nano stuff; ~20% contain silver.
  • Trouble with regulating use of nano: how do we define nano? If we say it is anything under 100nm, does that mean that a piece of silver 99nm should be regulated differently than a piece of silver 101nm?

Nanosilver destroys zebrafish embryos -- news article

Scientific paper about silver & zebrafish

  • "The release of untreated nanoparticle waste to the environment should be restricted for the well-being of human and aquatic species" — scientist in above study

Groups file legal action for EPA to stop sale of 200+ nanosilver products
The first federal restrictions on nanotechnology could be coming soon

Europe Spends Nearly Twice as Much as U.S. on Nanotech Risk Research

List of products containing nanosilver

Samsung silver washing machine
Official page of washing machine
Article about EPA regulating NS -- washing machine

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